About Us

Dick and Julie Edstrom, a husband and wife duo, saw a need with family and friends in times of transition and decided to do something about it.

We've Been Through It Too

I spent 26 years helping my widowed mother navigate life changes from age 72 when my dad died to age 96 at the time of her passing. Some of it was easy and some was not. She was more organized than most, but all their married life she had gladly deferred to my dad as head organizer for family affairs. She did not adjust well to having to take over. My mother-in-law went through much of the same, but not for as long. My work as a financial advisor also opened my eyes. Many clients were on top of their investments, but the rest of their "stuff" was chaos.

-Dick Edstrom, Principal of Life Transitions Services LLC

In years past, every once in a while I'd decide it was important for me to know what to do about the paperwork in my life if something were to happen to my spouse. I'd ask him for a rundown on where insurance policies were, if our wills were still in the safety deposit box, and whom to call regarding investments, etc. This last time I asked about it, I got an earful about how I needed to make sure I remembered what he told me. It seems that he had just, for the umpteenth time, met with someone regarding an investment portfolio following a major transition in life. That client was more than a little lost because she didn't know what to do next, didn't know where the papers were that she needed, and had thought she "had all kinds of time." I too still think I have all kinds of time, but after hearing that story, I knew we needed to get much more organized - just in case.

-Julie Edstrom, Author of the Ready or Not Workbook

How the Workbook Came To Be

Dick Edstrom worked as a financial advisor for over 15 years. During this time, it was easy to find ways to organize financial records. Going beyond this to incorporate all the clients' important documents and other information in one place proved challenging. There wasn't anything. The answer was to create our own "information station" to accomplish this. Thus, the idea for the Ready or Not ® workbook was born.

A critical part of the process was talking to other professionals, including accountants, attorneys, doctors, insurance agents, and even a behavioral pyschologist that specialized in working with individuals. They all agreed that the need was there, and many have become part of our ongoing support network.